Customer Care

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Creation of world class consumer centre

All the services proposed for water consumers in the smart city proposal – online billing, website, IVR, smart metering etc will come together in the consumer center which be the single point of contact for grievances, enquiries, billing information and payment.

Customer Mapping & Survey

Currently, 110,000 residential connections and 42,650 commercial connections are recorded. This is potentially less than 50% of all connections in the PMC area – much lower than benchmark of 100% recorded connections in other cities. A full-fledged customer survey is essential and will enable us to:
-Accurately define number and type of consumer meters to be installed in the city and to accurately know the people distribution on the territory, and basic information for hydraulic modelling and database creation
-Classify each connection appropriately (domestic, commercial, education, industrial etc.) and consequently identify the water connections that have not registered and paid new connection fee