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Competition closed!!! Shortlisted entries will have to appear for jury on August 6 ,2016. Only shortlisted entries will be intimated via mail for next procedure.

Street Redesigning Contest : 1. List of registered candidates   2. List of shortlisted candidates

Reimagining Sinhgad Road in Pune city

Pune smart city development corporation Ltd. invites all the citizens to participate in the international ideas competition to "reimagine Sinhgad Road" in Pune city.

The street selected for this purpose is 'Sinhgad Road' (also called as Narvir Tanaji Malusare Road) for a stretch of 1.5 km from Dandekar Bridge to Navshya Maruti Chowk. This particular stretch comprises of mixed use on both the sides of street, slum area, municipal water pumping station and one of the largest well-designed garden in Pune, all of them giving rise to various street activities.

6 re6mn
    Guiding principles for the design

    The "Ideas" to be submitted by the citizens should be based on the following principles,

  • Pedestrians first / promoting walkability
  • Designing for transit users/ bicyclists
  • Enhanced street connectivity and access
  • Universal access for physically challenged
  • Addressing landuse, sidewalk encroachment issues
  • Safety of motorvehicles /traffic calming/ parking management
  • Promoting pedestrian safety/ obstacle free movement
  • Implementing safe crossings at intersections
  • Enhanced street character/ attractive public realm
  • Providing thermal comfort/ shade for walking
  • Ease of maintenance and implementation
  • Use of appropriate softscape , trees, vegetation
  • Appropriate street furniture and furnishings
  • Promoting sustainability through stormwater management
    Evaluation criteria

    All jury members will review the submissions for the quality of their response and give the score out of 100 based on the following criteria. Average of scores will be calculated to decide the winning entry.

  • Problem statement and overall vision for the project site area- 10
  • Social and Economic impact of the idea proposed- 25
  • Clarity & Ease of Implementation of Idea- 25
  • Idea to enhance the cultural qualities of the site - 10
  • Environmental Sustainability- 20
  • Aesthetic merit of the Idea- 10
    Submission format
  • Participants must register at the
  • Only one entry is allowed per submission.
    Slides Content Description
    Slide 1-2 Problem Statement Key issues identified by the participant based on:
    • Own assessment/observation
    • Data available as part of the Audit Report
    Slide 3-4 Salient features of the proposed solution
    • Description of the key solutions proposed and how these will help address the issues identified
    • Key benefits that can be expected due to implementation of the proposed design
    Slides 5-10 Graphical presentation of proposed solution
    • The proposed concept may be explained through sketches, artist impressions, maps, architectural drawings, 3d visualizations as per the preference of participants.
    • Details of individual components such as furniture, horticulture elements, signage's etc may be provided
    • Textual detailing/explanation of design elements(whenever needed)
    Slides 11-16 Any additional details  

    The following attachments will be provided after registration:

  • Existing situation report
  • Road total station survey in vector format
  • Site Photographs

  • These appendices are released only to registered applicants of the competition. Please register here.

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