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Welcome to Pune Smart City

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Area Based Development Initiatives

Vision for Aundh-Baner-Balewadi

Pune aspires to create a model neighborhood of livability and sustainability matching global standards in the selected local area (Aundh-Baner-Balewadi – ABB) by fully deploying all 24 smart city features in a “future ready” manner. Future ready is critical because as the area develops, it will undergo a 4x population growth by 2030 (from 40,000 to 160,000). Some examples of planned initiatives are:

  • Mobility: take public transportation percentage to 50% from current 18% through 100 e-buses, 26 km BRT route, 54 bus stop overhaul and 100 e-rickshaws; take NMT to 8% from 1% through 27 km bicycle tracks, 60 km footpath redesign and placemaking
  • Livability: increase open spaces from 4% to 10% of total area through 13 parks and 3.4 km world-class riverfront
  • Create 45,000 jobs in the start-up hub for mixed use and walk-to-work
  • Create an interconnected ABB with a suite of citizen services/ e-governance on top of it (ABB card, e-ABB customer services, 911 emergency, pan-area wi-fi connectivity)

Key initiatives planned

Theme 1: Fix hard infrastructure and make it future ready as the population grows 4x (across mobility, water, SWM and security)

  • BRT across the ABB area
  • Overhaul of 54 regular bus-stops with ICT solutions
  • 100 electric buses to complement existing buses for ABB-Hinjewadi connectivity
  • Express airport service
  • 46km of road improvement
  • Access to mass public transport through 100 e-rickshaws
  • NMT focus through PBS with 40 stations, dedicated 42 km cycle tracks, and redesign of 60 km footpath, 15 junctions and 27 km of streets
  • Transit hub at entry point of Pune with access to long distance buses
  • 100% differently-abled friendly pathways
  • Increasing water availability from 90 lpd to 150 lpd to pilot 24×7 water
  • 100% smart bulk, commercial and domestic metering
  • Cleaning 3.5 km of river stretch to replicate across Pune
  • Rainwater harvesting through creation of 4 sumps
  • 10% waste water recycling in the ABB region
  • Zero waste and garbage ABB region through garbage truck augmentation, RFID tracking of vehicles, RFID based attendance system and monitoring of garbage areas
  • Centralized command and control center with camera feed from critical areas, emergency services through 5 SWAT vehicles

Theme 2: Create social infrastructure as per benchmark standards

  • Additional 76 public toilets created and maintained to global standards
  • State-of-art fire stations for high rise cum compact development
  • Smart parking for 750 cars

Theme 3: Enhance livability quotient considerably on top of fixing infrastructure

  • Drive open space innovation: garden with in 5 min for each resident, open space increase from 4% to 10% of total area; open vegetable market
  • Make area look better through 100% underground wiring and vehicle free road

Theme 4: Drive socially inclusive growth in the region

  • Make ABB region slum-free by redevelopment of 400 slum households
  • Drive socio-economic transformation of slums by focusing on 4 problem areas – sanitation, healthcare, education and skill building

Theme 5: Improve sustainability quotient of the region

  • Smart street lights with 85% LED lamps to bring 30% energy savings – lampposts also fitted with air pollution sensors, panic button, wi-fi access point and CCTV camera
  • Smart grid in ABB for 100% power supply and 3% reduction in AT&C losses
  • Solar roof tops to contribute 15% of energy requirements

Theme 6: Leverage ICT solutions for citizen convenience and e-governance

  • Digital Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to improve SPV functioning with Geo enabled city operations for multiple activities such as Land management, Tax assessment
  • E-SPV: Comprehensive ABB online portal with multiple activities across all departments with citizen desk for physical verification

List Of ABD Projects :

Download the complete list of projects under Pune Smart City Initiative

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