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CEO Speaks

The Smart Cities Mission’s focus is on sustainable and inclusive development. The aim is to evaluate compact areas and create a replicable model, which would guide and inspire the entire city and even other cities across India. PSCDCL has started various technological innovations and digital transformation through various projects. Of the 63 projects at PSCDCL, we are currently working on 49 projects worth Rs 1,500 crore. Out of the 49 projects, 27 have already been completed with a cost of around Rs 319 crore. The rest of the 22 projects, 12 projects are in the tendering process which will be completed by end of the year.

Today, We will discuss about our flagship project Smart City Operation Center located near P.L. Deshpande Udyan, Sinhagad road Pune. This Command and Control Center is live since 1st Feb 2019.

Under this project head PSCDCL has established 720 smart elements, including 300 WiFi Hotspots, 161 Variable Messages Displays, 136 Emergency Call Boxes, 136 Public Address Systems, 50 Environmental Sensors, and 40 Flood Sensors across the strategic locations in the city .

There are around 7000 Pune Smart City WiFi users per day and average data usage is 700GB per day.

Around 1,500 to 2,000 calls are received monthly through the emergency call boxes for various emergency requirements of the citizens. Variable message displays are widely used by various PMC departments, Pune police department for citizen-centric awareness initiatives and informative messages to control traffic diversions and traffic management. These VMDs and ECBs were used for the purpose of citizen awareness during the Covid-19 lockdown for various announcements and instructions regarding precautions to be taken during the pandemic.

Flood sensors have also been very useful during this city’s flood situation in the last two years and generating various alerts sending intimations about the danger levels, various locations in the rivers and external threats in the city.

PSCDCL also monitors the air quality in the city through the 40 Environmental Sensors. Executive dashboards are established which are used by the city administrators.

Yours truly,
Dr. Sanjay Kolte

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