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Industrial workshop on Pune ATMS project


Date(s) : Sep 15, 2017 to Sep 15, 2017  
Time : 3.30 PM to 5.30 PM


Pune Municipal Corporation Main Building

Event Description:

Objective of this industry workshop on Pune ATMS project was to have open discussion and collect inputs on the below points for the purpose of finalizing the RFP document and procurement process.

  • Overview presentation of proposed ATMS by PSCDCL followed by open discussions on following points
  • Background of Pune ATMS project
  • Need of ATMS, Current challenges, base line data collection method for bench-marking, Key Obejectives, KPIs of the project
  • Technology Options / Solutions, Case studies and India specific challenges, Future evolution in this domain
  • Traffic sensors – available technology, possible use of data sources against conventional method of traffic measurements
  • Modelling and Simulation software – Managed services offering / “pay by use model” (SaaS)
  • Views on PQ, TQ and Evaluation criteria, Proof of concept
  • Views on OEM, Consortium
  • Timeline as per industry for the entire project and recommended phases
  • Leverage existing infrastructure from Smart element and Surveillance projects (poles, traffic light, junction boxes, power & UPS, bandwidth)

Event Map:

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