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टोल मुक्त: १८०० १०३० २२२

Public inputs invited on preliminary draft of Pune Cycle Plan!


तारीख : सप्टेंबर २३, २०१७ ते सप्टेंबर २३, २०१७  
वेळ : १०:३० एम ते १२:३० पीएम


पीएमसी औंध वार्ड कार्यालय

इव्हेंट वर्णन:

Visit the Pune Cycle Plan website to see the proposals, and submit inputs by 30 September 2017. Show you care for cycling!

Proposals include provisions for a Bicycle Dept at PMC, Cycle-inclusive planning, Cycle infrastructure including over 470 km of cycle network, Regulation & enforcement, Promotion and public awareness, Monitoring etc.Your inputs will help PMC understand the public priorities for cycling improvement in the city.

इव्हेंट नकाशा:

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