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Under the Smart City Main Proposal submission developed by Pune Municipal Corporation, PMC; “Reimagining Pune: Mission Smart City – Detailed plan to transform Pune into a world-class Smart City”, the 9-kilometer network of neighborhood streets are designed by giving preference to WALKABILTY, UNIVERSAL ACCESSIBILITY & CYCLING. Thus, the project is based on a 3S CONCEPT, which enables citizens to move Safely, under natural shade of trees by creating a Neighborhood which is Socially Vibrant.

3S – Safety, Shade and Society

Design Policies included:

  • Ensuring Walkability
  • Promoting Universal Accessibility
  • Incorporating Cycle Friendliness
  • Easy access to Public Transport
  • Incorporating Hawkers and Vendors
  • Implementing Parking Policy
  • Creating Public Space

Impact / Possible Impact

Once the complete network of all streets is implemented with the same principles, it will reduce use of cars & two wheelers in the neighborhood since people will shift to walkability & cycling. These streets will also enable people to walk with pull along baggage and trolleys throughout the neighborhood which will in turn help citizens to carry out their day to day house hold purchases like grocery, vegetables etc. ( which are heavy ) thus reducing use of the vehicle ( car or two wheeler ) for shorter trips. As per law, the complete network will also enable universal accessibility.

The neighborhood will become one of its kind where citizens will be able walk & ride bicycle safely, thus creating a healthy environment and a vision that other neighborhood in the city and the country at large will also follow a similar approach.

What is innovative about the project

  • The design of speed breakers at raised crossings with corbeled driveways reduces the speed of the vehicle before the speed breaker and also gives the driver a feel while driving that he is approaching a speed breaker thus adding safety to pedestrian crossing.
  • Providing concrete bollards (instead of stainless steel bollards which are normally used in the city of Pune) thus reducing pilferage and probability of its theft.
  • Green railing in the divider consists of thick green hedge made of creepers with an insert of chain link (instead of standard heavy concrete dividers) creates esthetically pleasing dividers which are completely safe.
  • Perforated sheet screen shutters covering the MSEB feeder pillars painted with art work camouflages the utilities and turns the services into art work.
  • The street also has seating, lighting, music, sculptures, games thus making the vehicle free shopping experience as good as a mall and rightfully called as an URBAN MALL UNDER THE TREE CANOPY.
  • This mall being in open under the sky & not air-conditioned will be healthier for people and also save energy used to maintain air conditioning of the malls in general.
  • This kind of approach of making streets vibrant & well connected in the neighborhood helping reduce traffic congestion will help in reduction of pollution and in creating a healthy & hygienic environment which is people friendly.
  • This project will also help the shopkeepers achieve increased turnover due to increased footfall thus creating a sustainable economic environment.

Last modified: Tuesday January 23rd, 2018

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