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Welcome to Pune Smart City

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Digital Experience Center

With Urbanisation, the city of Pune is continuously growing which makes development an inevitable part of its process.Smart City is a project with a combination of infrastructure, technology and innovation. The Digital Experience Center is a reflection of Pune city’s vision for 2022. This Center is a quick preview to glimpses of the city’s plan for the present and for the future. The city belongs to the people and an imminent change for the growth and development of its infrastructure is important. This can only be made possible with continuous engagement with the citizens of Pune. The Digital Experience Citizen’s Center is a space for spreading awareness among people, thus making a difference to the city of Pune.

Current Status

Completed and ready to use.

Uniqueness of the Project

A citizen engagement center designed to explain vision 2022 . This space is specially designed to explain the road map of Pune visions for smart city .Various citizen engagement programs were conducted to envisage the future map for smart Pune. This Center is an outcome which takes you through the journey of what the city plans for its citizens . The implementation can only be possible with the help of its own people.A space for open networking and knowledge sharing.Further aiming to educate, share and showcase Pune.

Last modified: Monday January 15th, 2018

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