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Smart Street Lighting

Smart Street Lighting

Replacement of 77800 conventional street light (HPSV, HPMV, T-5, Flood Lights) to Energy Efficient LED Lights & Existing Manual based Feeder Panels to SCADA based Energy Monitor and Control Panels.

Current Status

Already 57000 LED Lights being installed along with more than 300 SCADA based Panels.

Uniqueness of the Project

This Project is first of its kind in a PPP mode taken up by any Corporation in India, where Project is not on Fixture to Fixture replacement, whereas LUX is to be maintained and NO Financial burden on either Pune Municipal Corporation or Citizens of Pune. All the Expenditure will be taken care by Developer (Tata Projects Ltd through its Subsidiary Ujjwal Pune Ltd). For the very first time a Develop has given savings commitment of 51% and the foremost Advantage of this Project to Pune Municipal Corporation is that this Project will be Maintained by Tata Projects Ltd for 12 Years with a maximum of 48 Hours Downtime. All the Street lights of Pune Municipal Corporation will be controlled from a single Location in Command & Control Room. Citizens can Log On to Mobile App and Toll Free number for any type of Complaints regarding Street Light not functioning and will be immediately responded.

Schedule of Completion

Schedule for Completion of Installation is 28th November 2017. After that Operation & Maintenance for 12 Years.

Last modified: Monday January 15th, 2018

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