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PSCDCL Partners with one of the Top Teams of Its Hackathon and Pune Traffic Police to Solve Traffic Violation Problems

Jan 30, 2019

PSCDCL Partners with one of the Top Teams of Its Hackathon and Pune Traffic Police to Solve Traffic Violation Problems

Pune: Pune Idea Factory Foundation a subsidiary of Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited has partnered with Pune Traffic Police and a leading Pune based start-up focusing on A.I. /M.L. based video analytics for a first of its kind pilot initiative leveraging emerging technologies. As part of the partnership, to begin with, feeds from ten cameras of the existing CCTV network of Pune Police would be analyzed to determine wrong lane driving, triple seat riding by two wheelers and riders who are riding without helmets.

These aforesaid are some of the chronic problems which Pune Traffic Police is grappling with and this partnership will leverage technology to support Pune Police in its efforts to identify and subsequently cut down on these offences. Several such initiatives leveraging technology and data to drive innovation are in progress.

This A.I. /M.L. based video analytics will help to regulate the road safety with more broader detection of road rule violations, based on significantly deeper analysis of the CCTV camera feeds, which the technologies will enable. This will generate automated e-challans against riders who violate the rules. This technology will also help to overcome the current limit of number of junctions being monitored manually. A.I. stands for Artificial intelligence that includes building intelligent behavior in an artificial system. M.L. is Machine Learning. It is one subset of A.I., which deals with algorithms that can learn from data.

Mr. Rajendra Jagtap, CEO, PSCDCL mentioned that the proposed partnership was aimed at driving maximum benefit of the existing infrastructure of Pune Police. He further added that based on the outcome, deployment of the technology on a larger scale could be considered for the benefit of the city and enforcement purposes, based on global trends in this area”.

Driving the development, Mr. Manojit Bose, Chief Knowledge Officer, PSCDCL said that “The start up with whom we have partnered was one of the top teams of the hackathon conducted by Pune Smart City along with NITI Ayog, Pune University and City of Austin. Along with providing an implementation opportunity to the startup it also provides Pune Police with actionable insights hitherto not available”

About Pune Smart City…

Pune holds an important place for both Maharashtra and India and has ranked second in the Smart Cities competition organized by the Government of India. Free Pune Wi-Fi, Smart Public Bicycle Sharing, Smart Placemaking, Smart Street Redesign, SCOC and Smart Elements, Lighthouse and Citizens Engagement- these are few of the successfully implemented projects of Pune Smart City. Pune Smart City is performing a pioneering role by being a mentor and trainer to other Smart Cities in the SPV to SPV Coaching Program initiated by the Govt. of India. Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh), Faridabad (Haryana), Madurai, Salem, Tiruchirapalli, Tiruppur, Vellore, Erode (all from Tamil Nadu) and Varanasi have followed suite in replication of Pune Smart City model.

Last modified: Wednesday January 30th, 2019

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