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Pune Smart City to Implement Zero Waste Project in ABB Area

Aug 28, 2019

Pune Smart City to Implement Zero Waste Project in ABB Area

Pune: With the aim of 100% in-situ organic waste processing within Aundh ward and thereby ensuring 100% segregation at source, Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited is going to implement Zero Waste project under area based development. The process of data collection of 90 thousand households is in process.

Aundh ward generates around 110 tons of waste every day. Out of which 62.53 tons is organic in nature. Around 70-90% of the waste in Aundh ward is getting segregated. Transportation cost of this wet waste is approximately Rs 9.7 crores annually.

Area of Aundh, Baner, Balewadi, Pashan, Bopodi, Sutarwadi has approximately 90 thousand properties of various types within its jurisdiction which includes slum residential, non-slum residential, commercial, institutional, semi-government, government etc.

CEO of Pune Smart City Dr. Rajendra Jagtap said, “The initiative aims to create a live-demonstration zero waste model in ABB area, which could be replicated across Pune City. Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited’s vision for the Zero Waste initiative is to minimise movement of solid waste generated in Pune Smart City area to landfill site. Waste should be processed and converted in-situ, at decentralised composting or organic waste processing unit.”

Proposed solution:

Solution to this could be 100% segregation of waste at source. Process wet waste/ organic waste at source. The cost saved in the process can be utilized for creation of resilient waste management infrastructure in the area. This increases circular economy, creates green jobs. This increases the life of landfill site. For Information Education and Communication purpose, 30 Swachta Mitras will be deployed. Their main objective is to encourage waste generators to process organic waste at source. Awareness regarding the whole project and incentive scheme through door stepping is of the important tasks of Swachata Mitra. Centre for Environment Education along with SWaCH Cooperative have been selected through a comparative bidding process.

Project steps 

Phase 1: Surveys and GIS Mapping

Phase 2: Communication and Education Awareness

Phase 3: Capacity building and Scheme Implementation

Phase 4: Monitoring and Assurance


Last modified: Wednesday August 28th, 2019

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