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Smart Pune : Smart Approach Towards Smarter Neighbourhoods

Nov 4, 2017

The journey of Pune Smart City began in September 2015 with a view to listen and understand the needs of citizens through a Citizen Engagement programme. When asked about the prime concerns facing them as citizens of Pune,the citizens promptly responded. Transport and mobility sector came out as a leader with nearly 30% of the citizens voting in favour of a revamp. In order to address the problem in aid of finding a solution there were series of joint meetings which took place among various departments , stakeholders in the form of NGOs, PMPML, MSRTC, Private Bus Operators, various experts and leaders of Transport and mobility.

Discussions to bring about a mass change in Mobility Sector held among all stakeholders resulted in efforts to improve the functioning of great places to create local bonding thus bringing in a strong value of Social harmony.Streets are identified as Mobility Corridors that carry about 80% of vehicles all the time, Feeder streets- streets feeding traffic onto the Mobility corridors and Neighbourhood streets which is labelled as all other adjacent streets.

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Last modified: Saturday November 4th, 2017

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