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Smart Projects 2019C

Smart Projects 2019C


Jul 16, 2019

Smart Clinic (With Testimonials)

Smart Clinic (With Testimonials)


Jul 16, 2019

Smart PMC Care 2.0

Pune Smart City’s project Smart PMC Care 2.0. Highlights of project as following :- – Robust complaint management solution – Online services and payments – Over 100 schemes digitized benefitting lakhs of citizens – Pune won Digital Payments award


Jun 7, 2019

Smart Street Lights

Pune Smart City’s project Smart Street Lights. Highlights of project as following :- – LED efficient technology saves upto 60% energy – 75000 Street Lights replaced with energy efficient LED lights – Controlled entirely through a command & control center – Providing safe and happy travel at night


Jun 7, 2019

Pune smART Week

Pune Smart City’s project Pune smART Week. Highlights of project as following :- – First ever 11 day cultural event by a Smart City with a motto- Art for All – Strengthened social inclusion – Inspired the spirit of creativity and sustainability – Largest ever Street Art Fair with footfall of 2.5 lakh – Provided …


Jun 7, 2019

Smart Solid Waste Management

Pune Smart City’s project Smart Solid Waste Management. Features of project as following :- – Mechanical segregation of Solid Waste – Converting 150 tonnes of mixed & dry waste everyday into reusable RD Fuel. – Mechanized Street Sweeping – High pressure washing, air blowing of all elements of the street – Also trims tree branches, …


Jun 7, 2019

Smart Place Making

Pune Smart City’s project Smart Placemaking. Features of project as following :- – Re-imagine public spaces transforming vacant plots into vibrant places – Themes ranging from E-learning to leisure and meditation – Successful implemented sites have footfall of 450 per week – Pune Smart City has planned 40 more such sites


Jun 7, 2019

PIFF: Pune Idea Factory Foundation

Pune Smart City’s Project PIFF: Pune Idea Factory Foundation. Highlights of project as following :- – Catalyze the innovation and entrepreneurship in Pune – Strategic alliances with academia, not for profit bodies & industry. – High end data & video analytics through Artificial Intelligence for Pune Police. – ICCC integrating all the ICT centers


Jun 7, 2019

Smart School

Pune Smart City’s Project Smart School. Highlights of project as following :- – Transforming municipal schools into Smart Schools – Attracting students by enhancing quality of learning – Interactive learning experience to 3500 students through 7 thematic implementations – Smart Classrooms, Cleanliness, Safety, Capacity building, – Improving positive non-academic activity learning


Jun 6, 2019

Smart Clinic

Pune Smart City’s Project Smart Clinic. Highlights of project as following :- – Focus on preventive and remedial Enriching the Public primary healthcare – 400 – 550 patients per month – Free OTC medicines to all patients – Specialized vitamin tests at Subsidized rates


Jun 4, 2019

Smart E Bus

Pune Smart City’s Project Smart E-bus. Smart E-bus features are following :- – 9 meter Non-BRT buses have achieved 10 to 20 % rise in the revenue compared to the old buses, – Positive impact on pollution: Zero Emission helps clean environment, – No sound pollution, No Vibrations, No jerks, – No breakdown, No trip …


Jun 3, 2019

Pune SmART Week – Day 11 throwback

#Throwback #Day11 The magic of musical fingers, struck a chord with the audience at Sitar Funk concert by Pt. Niladri Kumar. In a true tribute to the masters of the music world,we felicitated the legends of music industry. It was a mesmerising evening. #PuneSmARTWeek #ArtForAll


Mar 27, 2019

Pune SmART Week – Day 11

#Throwback #Day11 A kaleidoscope of a plethora of interesting and engaging art forms – Pune SmART Week created opportunities for the artists and art lovers to connect with each other and draw inspiration from each other. One of the largest most affordable Street Art Fair brought together more than 250 artists from various parts of …


Mar 25, 2019

Pune SmART Week – Day 10 throwback

Alok Rajwade, Nipun Dharmadhikari , Mrinmayee Godbole and their crazy team at Bharatiya Digital Party presented a revolutionary Hip Hop Concert under the brand name of “Casual Kalla: The Ultimate BhaDiPa Concert”. The Punekars went berserk with the “kala” (art) in the form of “kalla” (non-stop humorous act) put up by the youthful BhaDiPa team …


Mar 25, 2019

Pune SmART Week – Day10

Day 10 – Refreshing, Exciting & Meditative – the various shades of Pune SmART Week connected the dots between people and art. A concoction of music, painting and sculpting early in the morning brought Punekars together at Sambhaji Park, even on a weekend. A lot of people, who were there only as an audience, were …


Mar 19, 2019

Pune SmART Week – Day 9

Day 9 : Pune SmART Week has re-introduced Art, Literature, History and Sculpting to Punekars in a totally new light. There was something for everybody – children, professionals, senior citizens, and even artists themselves – a platform to connect with people through art. And when art reaches people on a larger scale, art itself becomes …


Mar 7, 2019

Pune SmART Week – Day 8

Day 8 highlights:  Pune SmART Week created numerous opportunities for people to COME. CONNECT. CELEBRATE. The city acquired one more unique installation that was a tribute to the martyrs of Pulwama attack. This art installation was a collaborative art form by Artist Aditya Shirke Aditya Shirke and the creative organisers Studio Mars.Film lovers learnt the …


Mar 7, 2019

Pune Smart Week – Day 7 highlights

Day7 highlights: Irshaad -a melodious poetry presentation by renowned poet-duo Sandeep Khare & Vaibhav Joshi along with Singer Savani Shende. Sandeep claimed that every Irshaad performance is unique, and the one at #PuneSmARTWeek was no different. The power-packed performance created a profound impact, as the lyrics and the melody connected their way to audience’s hearts.


Mar 7, 2019

Day7 – Pune SmART Week 2019

Day 7: #PuneSmARTWeek has brought people from various walks of life – children, parents, grandparents, teachers, artists, actors, everyone on a common platform. The “Catch Them Young” Art Walk by Gayatri Tambe- Deshpande enlightened the children with the basics of painting and developing appreciation for art work.Actor, Model, Painter, Sculptor Raqesh Vashisth says, “Art brings …


Feb 24, 2019

ShivJayanti – Pune SmART Week 2019

On the occasion of #ShivJayanti, #PuneSmARTWeek paid a majestic tribute to the heroic leader of Maharashtra through three different arts under the name Shiv Mudra – a signature art by Achyut Palav and his team, Mardhani Khel and Powada on J M Road.


Feb 23, 2019

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